Technique Report
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Its' simple. 

1. Purchase the Technique Report Voucher

2. Get someone to video you running on your phone. Email us the files (address on Voucher)

3. We'll cast our expert eye over it, and send you back a report with some simple actionable advice to improve your technique


  • Run at a pace you would be comfortable running at least 30mins.
  • We need a minimum of 4 videos. One from directly behind, one from in front, and 2 side on videos (one going one way, one the other).
  • Try and run in a straight line on a good surface (concrete or track work best but short grass is fine). You will only need to run for c.3-5secs for each of the videos
  • Make sure whoever is taking the video holds the phone or camera still! Dont move the video with the runner- just allow them to run through the shot. We recommend kneeling down to get the best angle. 
  • When videoing from the side make sure whoever is videoing stands around 3-5metres away and directly adjacent to your running line.
  • When capturing from behind or in front ensure they stand directly behind you or directly in your path of running.