Forbes 100 List: Brands Must Take Responsibility for Lack of Equality


The Forbes list of 100 highest paid athletes was released this week, and, controversially there wasn't a single female athlete amongst the list. Shocking.

But why are we suprised? Coverage of women's sport across the media is pretty sparse. In our sport, running, the situation is better but it's still not equal- in most international marathon  races the women's race is a sideshow.

 TV bosses aren't stupid- but they take the easy root to success. They know there is demand for Messi and Ronaldo so they give us more. It's lazy- the only way you can let the women's game flourish is to shine a light on it.

Brands are also to blame- lazily showcasing 'influencers' as opposed to generating interest in athletes for their sporting prowess. When I recently read 'Binky' from Made in Chelsea was fronting a Reebok Active Wear range I nearly lost my mind. 

 Brands can do so much more to create stories around athletes. Time they took responsibility.

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