How to Find a Running Training Plan That Works

Why don’t training programmes work for you? 

Many training plans you can download online are not meant for experienced runners! 


The workouts? Too basic

Mileage ? Too Low

Difficulty? Too easy

The result? Knowing you can do better!

You must now take the "next logical step”

To keep improving you must take the next step. We can’t keep running faster race times if your training doesn’t take into account these adaptations that makes running faster. 

The next logical step will mean different things to different runners but logically this will include: 

• Running more frequently 

• Running higher mileage 

• Being more consistent with long runs

• Higher quality long runs

• Making the workouts longer to faster 

• Incorporating a strength programme to help you keep injury free and run faster

You can’t improve everything in every training cycle because you will end up most likely getting injured! So you need a strategic approach to add in these new stressors one at a time. This will then make you stronger and faster. 

That is exactly why when myself (Beth) and coach Shaun write a customised training plan we ask for a detailed questionnaire about your background, strength and weaknesses, running history, goals, fitness levels and lots more. Once we know you as a runner we can then plan your training season. 

Is this training plan right for me? 

We want to make sure our monthly training plan is right for every runner we coach. That is why we adapt every plan specifically to the athlete. We don’t want to give you too much mileage, too many speed workouts that you can’t physically handle. Because that is a recipe for injuries! 

But if this sounds exactly what you need then you are ready to take the “next logical step!” 

What’s included in the monthly coaching plan

Every athlete that invests in a monthly training plan will get: 

• A custom built training plan, set 4 weeks in advance, so that we can constantly update / know how you are getting on and work around you. 

• Runner specific strength and core routines to improve running mechanics and prevent injuries. 

• Dynamic flexibility routine to improve mobility 

• Planned workouts with every detail you could need 

• Detailed pre warm up routines 

• Pacing guidance for every type of run and workout 

• Personal coaching calls and unlimited contact with your coach via email or phone

And most importantly you’ll know your training is being taken care of so that you can take the next steps with your running and training as best as you possibly can.