Workplace Wellbeing: Running- The Simple Solution to Inactivity

Almost half of all Britons (45%) admit they struggle to meet the NHS recommended figure of 150 mins of moderate to vigorous exercise per week. 64% of British adults remain seated for over 6hrs a day, and, intriguingly, the average adult spends more time on the toliet (3 hours 9mins) than they do exercising. It's a crappy situation (sorry).

Despite the evident benefits to productivity and physical and mental wellbeing, most employers don't encourage staff to be active. 62% of employees with good intentions to exercise at work find they’re cancelling their lunchtime exercise plans due to workload or work commitments, while 26% say that the wearing of gym clothes is inappropriate in their workplace.

But how can you change this? We all need to help to create a culture of exercise; encourage a work mate on a lunchtime, suggest the team enter an event, or introduce us to your HR department to help us create an organised run club.

Office Wellbeing

This is what we do. We create inclusive Work Run Groups that encourage all employers to come out for a regular run session.

Here's a quick interview with Aleksandra, a regular at our Prologis Benelux Club in Amsterdam, about why the Prologis Run club is important to her.

Office Run Club

What makes you come along to Run Club every Tuesday? 

Aleksandra- "I really enjoy the running group: the people and the atmosphere. We do not compete with each other and we always have lots of fun. I am a lazy person who can find 1000 excuses for myself but I know that if I do not have one ready by 16:50 every Tuesday, I better be prepared to run! Otherwise I will feel bad, since my colleagues who are older, have families etc. still make it! That is a huge motivation. Besides, we don’t have to go anywhere to run, we are already in the office. I don't have time to go home, get comfy and quit. And last but not least, it is my greatest excuse to leave 18 sharp every Tuesday, while it never happens any other day."

Have you noticed any benefits, at work or in terms of your general health? 

"Yes, I noticed few benefits. First off all, it helps me relax and deal with the stress even after very tough day. I also feel that my physical shape slowly improves and I can now run easily 2-3k, while last year 1k was a big accomplishment. I also enjoy the fact that we have this group with colleagues. It allows us to get to know each other under different circumstances, start or improve relationships. We discovered we have something more in common besides the fact we work for one company. I got new “coffee” topics and started talking to people I have never talked to before. It also allows people from different management level to talk outside the “hierarchic” environment. I really feel we bonded as a group."

You recently won the biggest improver prize- was that a surprise and how did it make you feel? 

"I am still surprised I won  I feel bit of a pressure now, but it is also very nice cause I know I can push further and further so I would be a waste if I quit now. I felt bit sick and tired last week, but it was a week after I won so I also thought it is not good if I skip training now. All in all, it gives me additional motivation!"

Are you up to the challenge?

Take our Workplace 1mile challenge!

Register for our challenge. All you and your colleagues need to do is to run a mile- follow our 6 week online training plan (we will email you), after 6 weeks you run the same mile and see if you can beat your time. Run as a team in your lunch breaks or straight after work - we'll reward those who post and show improvement, entering them into a prize draw to win goodies from our host of partners.