Experimenting On The Long Run: 3 Ways Additional Ways They Can Boost Performance

The Long Run- Make it specific!

You can't get away from it- the long training run is a key aspect of your Marathon training plan. In other articles you will receive as part of our free course we will take a more detailed look at how you should pace your long runs to get the most from them- but in this blog we wanted to touch on the additional benefits you can gain from these runs to help improve your race-day experience. As the most specific training session to the Marathon race they provide a fantastic opportunity to trial your race approach.

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Nail your routine

Your final long training run is the perfect time to practise your pre-race breakfast. You should test both what you will eat and when you should eat it.  Start the run at the same time as the Marathon so you can check all the timings work! Try out your race shoes, socks, and kit. It might even be worth getting out the Vaseline. The final long run is a good time to practice where (and where you shouldn't) lather up!

Run Nutrition

This is a great opportunity to practise your final in race nutrition. If you're going for gels you should work out how you will carry them, and have a go at squeezing them into your mouth at goal race pace! That's a whole different ball game- I've squeezed one straight in my eye before.

In terms of the timing of your gels- a lot depends on how long you will be running. There is an app called CORE nutrition (designed by one of the top dietitians in Running- Asker Jeukendrup) which gives you a rough estimation of when you should take them on and how many you should carry. Highly recommend you have a look.

Post Run Recovery

These long runs are tough- so you should put some extra thought into your recovery post run. Make sure you eat a good meal, preferably within an hour of finishing your run, including high quality protein and carbohydrate. Spend a little bit of extra time stretching any stiff areas and, if you can, put your feet up for the rest of the day.

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