the republic run-club challenge


We want to help you get fit, and we know addictive it can be when you can track and monitor your fitness improvement.

So, we want to set you a challenge;

Can you improve the time it takes to run a Mile in October?

We don’t care how is the fastest (or slowest), or who runs the longest or furthest this month- we just want to see you improve! All the Run Club members who can demonstrate an improvement, no matter how big or small, will be entered in a draw to win some running prizes.

Can you do a Rog' and improve your mile time?

Can you do a Rog' and improve your mile time?

Here's how it works.

  1. Run a single mile before the Monday 6th October. You can record it on an app, watch or phone. Email the time to We won’t divulge the time to anyone else.

  2. Attend 2 Monday Lunchtime Sessions @ Republic (make sure you register with the coach before each session.

  3. Before the end of October, run the same mile, again record the time and email

REMEMBER! We don't care who is the fastest runner- we are most interested in those who get stuck in and improve their time. All those who record a % improvement will be eligible to win a Let’s Get Running T-shirt or a Full Running MOT worth £100

Oh, and by the way, we recommend using the tracking app Strava and joining our Strava group.