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Reach your
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Expert Personal Running Coaching


Looking for some fresh running guidance to help you ace your next race? Want to learn training methods that work for runners of all abilities; from beginner runners to advanced Marathoners? Try our remote coaching plans- available anywhere in the world.

Are training plans and premium coaching is provided by Shaun Dixon, and Beth Carter.

Shaun has represented England as a cross country runner and Great Britain as a mountain runner. He also has a 2.25 Marathon PB and continues to compete at a high level. Shaun has coached a wide variety of runners over the last decade - focusing on keeping things simple with clear and practical advice on training your body to reach it’s potential.

Beth has represented Great Britain as a cross country and track athlete. She has learnt from some of the top coaches in the world of running, spending time in Portland, Oregon, learning from world renowned strength and conditioning experts. She is a firm believer in holistic training, and the importance of conditioning your body avoid injury and improve performance.

Choose from 2 simple options.

  • Access to an extensive library of Training Plans designed by experienced coaches and runners and delivered via desktop or mobile app.
  • Strength and core routines to improve running mechanics and prevent injuries.
  • Monthly Email Consultation with a Top Coach
  • Membership of an official England Athletics Club.
  • Let's Get Running Team Vest
  • Exclusive offers from our partners.
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  • Direct coaching from an expert coach- assigned to follow your progress and answer all your running questions.
  • A custom built training plan, set 4 weeks in advance.
  • Running specific strength and core routines to improve running mechanics and prevent injuries.
  • Planned workouts with every detail you could need.
  • Pacing guidance for every type of run and workout.
  • Personal coaching calls and unlimited contact with your coach via email or phone.
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Features Team Coaching Premium Coaching
Review of goals, training history and other relevant lifestyle factors
Highly targeted training plan accessed via desktop or app
Every workout fully explained with pacing guidance
Strength workouts built into your training
Opportunities to ask questions to coaching team
England Athletics Club Membership and exclusive deals from our partners
Single expert coach assigned to follow your progress
Adaptable schedule set by your coach and based on progress
Email and Phone Contact with your Coach
Coach Feedback and Race Day, and Nutrition Support


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What's the difference between Premium Monthly Coaching and Team LGR Membership?

The major difference between  is the level of one-on-one coaching you receive. 

With the Premium Coaching Option (both monthly and yearly) we adapt your training each month. You have significantly more one-on-one contact with your coach who will always comment on and provide feedback on your training. You can email and call your personal coach for advice on any running issue. This option is more appropriate if your are looking for more hands on coaching and guidance. 

Team LGR Membership is a half way house- you get access to a library of pre-designed training plans. We will give you some guidance on which plans best suit you and will adapt them to you work / life schedule. You can change plans whenever you like and can continue to access the training app as long as you maintain monthly payments. You also receive coaching tips and advice from our team of coaches. This plan works well if you are training for a specific event and are the kind of person who prefers just to get out there and get on with it.

How long do I need to sign up for Premium Coaching for?

As long as you like! There is no minimum or maximum term and you can cancel at any point in the month. You can try the Premium Monthly option for free for 7 days. If you like what we offer you can sign up for an annual plan at a significant saving too! 

What payment methods do you support?

We accept most major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and we support international payments. Your information is stored on a secure third-party server for your protection. When you sign up for your membership, our system will set up recurring payments for you so you don't have to log in and repay each month.

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