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Looking to improve your running technique? Looking to improve your speed? Or are you a beginner runner looking for expert guidance?  Book a session with our expert coaches.

We can help you to take your running to the next level with high quality 1-to-1 training sessions and practical and actionable advice. 

We currently cover all London locations, Amsterdam, Manchester and North Somerset

What our runners say about us;

I’m sure Harvey will tell you himself but he hugely valued the session and found everything about it really constructive and professional. The report certainly looks that way. Next time I’m sure he’ll come to you a little earlier in his training cycle.
— Jodie Reed
Yes I feel like I’ve made a lot of improvement with my running I feel a lot fitter and stronger. I’m surprised with the amount of improvement I’ve made already and it’s only been 7 or 8 weeks.
— Tom T
Thanks and thanks to you and Joel for the great plan, coaching and encouragement. I was able to start and more importantly finish and it was a Boston Qualifying time by 6 mins so that’s pretty much a guaranteed place and also a GFA for London for next year.
— Caroline Farren
Working with Shaun was a real eye opener. He drastically improved my technique, allowing me to run lighter and totally injury free. His training schedule helped me run much faster, which resulted in improving my Half Marathon personal best by 10 minutes, and my Marathon personal best by 13 minutes!
— Sjoerd
My sessions with Shaun are varied and stretching, but he seems to know just how far to push me to help me reach my potential. My running has been much more consistent and I have achieved times I thought I’d left behind years ago! Shaun is now helping me prepare for my marathon with detailed training sessions for me to do on my own as well as our weekly interval runs together. Shaun really knows what he’s talking about and makes our sessions fun and supportive
— Diane Herbert
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Book running coaching sessions

We offer a variety of options- from technique specific training sessions to blocks of personal coaching sessions.

Are you a beginner aiming to improve your running confidence? 

We recommend a block of 6 Personal Coaching Sessions. We will run with you, taking you through 6 carefully designed training sessions to give you the confidence to get out and run!

Are you a running your first Marathon and are looking for some training sessions to get you on track? 

We will tailor a series of 6 Personal Coaching Sessions to your race or event. We will show you the key training sessions and demonstrate how to get the most from them.

Are you an experienced runner looking to improve speed and reduce risk of injury?

Try our 4 session Technique Coaching Course.This includes a full video analysis, where we will highlight any issues which could be holding you back. We will address these in the next three sessions, with specific exercises, drills and focused intervals.

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