Episode 27 - Hydration : James mayo

New podcast! New format, new co-host!

The Let's Get Running Podcast has been relaunched! From now on the format of the show has changed. We still want to bring you great interviews from top runners, coaches and specialists from the world of running, but we also want to make the show really useful and insightful to you as runners.

So, the podcast will become an audio magazine, where we will discuss a hot topic from the world of running and shed some expert light on it. Oh, and we're pleased to announce that joining Shaun will be the fastest bus driver in London, Jermaine Mays. Find out more about Jermaine on a previous interview here.

On this episode Shaun and Jermaine chat Running Hydration as we talk to ex-international athlete and founder of SOS rehydrate, James Mayo. We discuss hydration myths, tips and tricks and discuss the story behind SOS Rehydrate; how one too many bottles of red wine got James, his wife Blanca, and his brother Tom thinking...

Check out SOS Rehydrates story here.

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