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Struggling with running injuries?

80% of injuries are caused by overtraining- doing too much too soon- we want to help you back to running with a comprehensive plan


Frustrated with constant injuries, months of set backs and zero consistency?

At Lets Get Running we coach a lot of runners- of varying ability, lifestyle, and age. Name an injury - we’ve dealt with it! As well as being certified coaches, we also have the experience of competing internationally for Great Britain. We have learnt that a large number of runners are chronically stuck in an injury cycle.

Have you ever asked yourself:

“I just want to run but when I finally think I am good to go, I feel it again, am I every going to run pain free?”

“Do I have to start from scratch all over again?”

Beth Carter, LGR Coach and GB distance runner writes;

“I know exactly how you feel. I had to deal with a bad achilles for years and had many other running injuries. I was desperate to finally find the freedom that comes with healthy running but kept asking myself “how long am I going to feel like this.” Constantly dealing with an injury is horrible. Mainstream Injury advice is awful! In case you hadn’t realised RICE doesn’t work! It is very outdated and there are much better solutions for you, and so instead of wasting time on strategies that don’t work, lets’s focus on getting you back to running healthy and strong. 

Some runners believe that if they do their strength exercises, it will prevent them from getting injured. But no amount of strength can overcome poor training. Your running programme needs to be structured in the right way so that it compliments the strength training. 

Are you following a post run recovery routine? Are you doing all the right maintenance work you should be doing? Or are you doing things that are actually hurting your recovery?So many runners make these mistakes but do not realise they are doing it. We want to help you avoid them! 

Smart runners will build prevention into their training! A good training plan will have everything built into it, including strategic mileage increases, workout progressions and runner specific exercises. Healthy runners work hard to stay healthy and so will you!”

The Let’s Get Running Injury Prevention Plan

Personalised injury prevention plan for all runners.


 We want to help- and have launched a special service to help runners like you get back on track.

Injury Prevention Plan
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Injury Prevention Plan

1-1 initial assessment with head coach Beth Carter, this can be over SKYPE or a 1-1 session. The assessment will include a running technique analysis so that we can create a personalised runner specific exercise programme. 

  • A personalised 6 week training plan with strategic mileage increases, workout progressions and a strength plan to go alongside this. 

  • A post run maintenance routine  

  • A member of the Lets Get Running club 

  • Lets Get running vest 

  • 20% off the Premium online coaching if you sign up after your 6 weeks programme has finished.

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