Work Run Club + (12 weeks)

Work Run Club + (12 weeks)


For £172.50 per week

We provide;

  • 12 x running fitness session / 1 per week, led by an expert coach (during the lunch hour or after work)

  • Coach advice and support (via email and our training app)

  • Unlimited Access to our Online Training App- providing runners interactive training plans to follow in their own time.

  • 15% off Physio consultations @ The Running Works

  • Retail offers from our partners

  • 3 x Wellbeing Workshops (incl. Dietitian, Sleep Specialist, and Physical Activity Experts)

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How does it work? Who can access the club?

All employees are welcome and we have no maximum number. We structure the activity so all can take part and everyone can push themselves to the best of their abilities.

Every week a coach will drop by the office at lunch time or directly after work and take all those interested to a park or open space for a structured running fitness session.

We will include intervals, exercises, and technique drills- helping attendees improve their running as well as their general health and fitness. We will structure the session to keep the group together, allowing faster runners to push themselves and beginner runners to tackle things in their own time. Having a qualified coach there to coordinate the sessions means attendees can focus on getting fit and enjoying themselves!

We also want to encourage attendees outside of the session- there are rewards for improved performance and regular attendance through competitions and challenges and attendees can access their own interactive training plan through our Fitness App.

Does the company need additional insurance to cover this activity?

No, all Let’s Get Running coaches have public liability insurance and provide a thorough risk assessment of the training venue.

What happens if we need to cancel?

Let’s Get Running will refund the outstanding pro-rata balance for any remaining sessions if you are not entirely happy with the service.

What is the typical size of group? Will it work with our company?

It really depends, we cater for groups of 3-4 to 40. There is no typical group size- so don’t worry if you thinking you are too big or too small. We make sure we cater for everyone.

How do you map wellbeing?

We will ask a small series of wellbeing questions to attendees at the start of the sessions and then again at 6 week intervals. These questions are approved by UK Charity, Rethink Mental Illness, and will allow us to monitor the impact of sessions on attendees wellbeing.