Do you love running and are you enthusiastic about its benefits?

Would you like your employer to offer you and your colleagues an opportunity to run at work?

Our premise is simple. We organise a Run Club for your office. We meet for a weekly for a high octane, coach-led running session starting and finishing at the office. The 'coach-led' bit is important. They provide expert advice on technique, injury prevention and training do's and dont's. They also structure the session so everyone gets to push themselves and no-one gets left behind.

We then 'facilitate' running outside of our weekly meetup- giving members access to training programmes, coaching advice and activity challenges on our online portal. 

Sounds great doesn't it? But we need ambassadors to help us get the clubs started.

Can you introduce us to your CEO, HR Director or Wellbeing/ Wellness Benefits Coordinator and champion the idea? If you can, and we manage to get the club started, we will shower you with affection and offer you;

2. Monthly online coaching

We'll coach you online for 2 months for free! 

Worth £140

1. A Full Technique Analysis

Having a look at your running technique and suggesting improvements.

Worth £100