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About Us


Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest. Exerting yourself to the fullest within your individual limits: that’s the essence of running, and a metaphor for life. 

Haruki Murakami


Formed in 2011, by CEO and Great British international runner Shaun Dixon, Let's Get Running offer dynamic, engaging and experienced coaching to runners and companies across the UK and the Netherlands.  

Unlike other coaching providers, we are not a coaching marketplace. All coaches are experienced members of the Let's Get Running Team.

Running should not be complicated- everyone should be able to join in. You don't need expensive heart rate monitors and cadence counters, just passion and some expert guidance!



The Coaches


Work Run Club Prologis.jpg

"I love the Office Run Club. It allows us to get to know each other under different circumstances- we discovered we have something more in common besides the fact we work for one company!"

Aleksandra, Prologis Run Club Member


"3.49 to 2.58 under your training! Stick that on the website"

Simon, Capital and Counties, London

Milton Keynes (1).jpg

"Working with Shaun was a real eye opener. He drastically improved my technique, allowing me to run lighter and totally injury free. His training schedule helped me run much faster, which resulted in improving my Half Marathon personal best by 10 minutes, and my Marathon personal best by 13 minutes!"

Sjoerd, Lansdowne Partners, London


"Shaun’s help and pearls of wisdom have worked wonders for me. Shaun gave me lots of good pointers on my running technique and put together a fun and varied training plan that has seen me through four marathons in the space of a year!"

Jan, Securis Investment Partners, London

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"Shaun developed a comprehensive fourth-month training plan for me. The plan made running fun and varied- I was constantly trying new exercises, which kept me motivated. Shaun was also on hand to give me additional advice when I needed it, including on nutrition and injuries. I couldn't have prepared for the Marathon without him!"

Meg, Student, Newport


"The club is going really well and we have a group of dedicated runners each week. They love Joel he is a great coach"

Sunita, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, London

Work Running Club HIM

"The guys love it. It's been great to see the data mirroring the anecdotal evidence- we all agree- Run Club makes a difference to our wellbeing"

Blake, HIM Run Club Captain


" I am finding online coaching a huge motivator and it fits a busy life really well compared with having to turn up for pre-arranged coaching sessions"

Caroline, MadScience, Manchester

JJH London Landmarks Half Marathon_Shelter_2019.jpg

I was part of the Shelter London Marathon team that you coached this year and I wanted to say THANK YOU!

I managed to run 3.58.43, and that really was only possible because of the clear advice you gave us on the importance of knowing our different gears, and the importance of training at different paces.

Thank you again for working with us, it was great fun.

Jonathan, Shelter Charity Running Team


"I ran 4.36 at my first Marathon, but through Shaun's coaching I knocked off over an hour (3.29) coming in the top 30 females. The coaching has also made a huge difference to my enjoyment of running."

Molly, IDX, Amsterdam


The team absolutely love the sessions - Adele is brilliant!

Josie, FleishmanHillard Fishburn, London

Jack Marathon (1).jpg

Thank again for you your expertise, it made a phenomenal difference.

Jack, Teacher, London

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